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NMPG Online

Most NMPG physicians now participate in online messaging for non-urgent communication.


    • Center for Integrative Medicine and Wellness: Dr. Ring, Dr. Vocino and Mary-Anne Meyer are participating. For other CIM providers (massage therapy, acupuncture/chinese medicine, naturopathic practitioners/functional nutrition), please call us at 312-926-DOCS (3627).
    • OB/GYN: Only Dr. Friedman is participating. For other OB/GYN providers, please call 312-926-8811.
  • Online messaging should never be used for urgent medical needs. Always call the office if a quick response time is important.

    About this Service

    What is this service?

    NMPG’s partnership with RelayHealth allows us to offer secure bi-directional messaging (meaning we can send as well as receive messages). With this service you can request appointments, request lab results, request medication refills, and even consult your doctor online with a webVisit for certain medical conditions.

    Who can use the service?

    Adult patients (age 18+) of our internal medicine and dermatology physicians can register to use the service. Adults can also register to communicate with Pediatrics on behalf of their minor children.

    What is a webvisit?

    With webVisit consultations, you have the option of starting a visit with your doctor online. You can select from over 145 medical conditions and answer questions related to that condition. Your NMPG physician will review your answers and let you know if they can handle the problem online, or if you need to come in for a face to face visit. If your physician completes the visit online, they will send you a secure message with treatment instructions, self-care information and prescriptions if appropriate (which you then route to the pharmacy of your choice).

    Is there a charge for this service?

    There is no charge for most routine communications, such as appointment requests, lab results and medication refill requests. There is a fee of $40 ($55 for Travel Medicine) for the optional webVisits, which may replace an office visit. The webVisit fee is not charged if your physician asks you to come into the office instead of completing your visit online.

    How can this save time or improve efficiency for a patient?

    The system allows patients to send messages to NMPG staff or doctors any time of the day – meaning patients can do it at their convenience, without waiting on hold. We will read these messages within 1 business day and can then respond electronically within the same system.

    How can this improve quality?

    First, the system makes sure you provide the answers we need ahead of time. Second, since it integrates with NMPG’s electronic medical record, your physician can easily see your history while responding to your messages (unlike email). Third, it provides security and auditing abilities that are not available with simple email or phone conversations.

    How soon will I get a response?

    An NMPG physician or staff person will normally respond to online messages within one normal business day or less. For example, if you send a message on a Tuesday night, you should receive a reply by the end of the day on Wednesday; if you send a message on a Friday, you should receive a reply by the end of the day on Monday.

    If you need a same-day response, please contact us by telephone at 312-926-DOCS (3627).

    How is this service different from e-mail?

    The RelayHealth system ensures authentication of a patient message since it requires a personalized username and password. It also offers much more security as compared to plain email (see next question for more details). And while plain email allows messages to be stored on multiple services across the Internet, RelayHealth messages are never stored anywhere but on the secure RelayHealth servers, and they cannot be read en route, deleted, copied, or altered in any way. RelayHealth provides security and an audit trail, making it superior to e-mail as a means of confidential patient communication. Finally, RelayHealth features multiple other options in addition to just communication, including integrated administrative and e-prescribing services for the medical office, and convenient forms and medically reviewed content for patients.

    Is this service secure?

    Embedded Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology-a protocol that delivers server authentication, data encryption, and message integrity-ensures RelayHealth messages can only be read by the registered doctor, the doctor's authorized staff, and the patient. Information transmitted via RelayHealth can be trusted to arrive privately and unaltered to the server specified. The RelayHealth service requires a sign-in ID and password, and can only be accessed by registered users. Patients using the service can view an audit trail detailing who has accessed their Health Record, and can terminate their online relationship with a doctor at any time.

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